Dissolving Boundaries via Musical Medicine with Penn Johnson | POP 5

December 21, 2018

For "Barefoot Vandit", author of "Trail Mix & Goon Adventures Abroad in Oz", and echoer of cosmically channeled medicine music, Penn Johnson, writing may just come more naturally than speaking. If there is a topic he has viewed as significant, he has likely written a song about it. Yet he does not acknowledge his mind as the source of this content. Instead he views himself as an instrument relaying universal tunes, conveyed to build bridges and elevate consciousness.

Immerse yourself in these offerings of healing at https://pennjohnson.net and help him spread the medicine by pledging at https://patreon.com/pennjohnson

For video, visit https://personsofpresence.com/2018/12/21/pop-5-penn-johnson/

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