Harvesting Rain and Harmoniously Coexisting with Anthony Paglino | POP 8

February 20, 2019

As the saying goes, "the best things in life are free". Yet, while one of the most essential elements for life as we know it happens to fall from the sky, so many of our cohabitants around this planet we share have found themselves in a clean water crisis. This is an issue which Anthony Paglino recognizes is stemming from a deeper-rooted crisis of consciousness and has felt called to address. Through playing his part by spreading  aw...

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Reconciling Consciousness and Capitalism with Mateo Blumer | POP 7

February 02, 2019

Mateo Blumer is an investment advisor, entrepreneur, and "impact" or "generative" investor, as well as the founder and CEO of Solidarity Capital. Also a lifelong writer, spiritual exploration enthusiast, and wayshower of the New Science, Mateo straddles two seemingly-opposing worlds: those of capitalism and the business of money, and the world of spirituality, self-discovery, and the understanding of the power of human consciousness. In this episode we discuss his own radical evolutio...

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Rhythm Ritual with Ecstatic Dance Elder, Ahva Lenay | POP 6

December 28, 2018

Once wild child, now wise, still-wild woman, Ahva Lenay, joins us for a reflective episode in which we discuss her ever-evolving exploration with nature and spirit, how she founded what is now Denver, Colorado's largest, longest running ecstatic dance community, The Rhythm Sanctuary, and her mission of helping others to find and bring their own medicine forward. Ahva discloses how she has leveraged her innate strengths, communication and love, along the way and we even end the episode with a...

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Dissolving Boundaries via Musical Medicine with Penn Johnson | POP 5

December 21, 2018

For "Barefoot Vandit", author of "Trail Mix & Goon Adventures Abroad in Oz", and echoer of cosmically channeled medicine music, Penn Johnson, writing may just come more naturally than speaking. If there is a topic he has viewed as significant, he has likely written a song about it. Yet he does not acknowledge his mind as the source of this content. Instead he views himself as an instrument relaying universal tunes, conveyed to build bridges and elevate consciousness. Immerse yours...

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Painting Our Own Path with Rachel Gertie Dean M.A. | POP 4

December 13, 2018

Rachel Gertie Dean, founder of The Lotus Center for Wellness with a Masters in Art Therapy, has been drawn to journaling and the arts since a very early age. These tools have not only helped her process emotions and events unfolding in her life but also, in time, revealed to her OUR power to paint the future as we will it. She followed and fueled these powerful passions until they blossomed into her life's purpose - her LOTUS. Rachel's life plays out something like a Homeric epic as i...

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